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Biblical or Not...Worldview Matters

Why we must take back the worldview narrative

Everyone has a worldview. You understand the world - the past, the present, and what may happen in the future, based on that worldview. If that worldview is a Christian worldview, then you believe in that God created the world, the world is now fallen from sin, God redeemed us through His son, Jesus, and the world will be restored when Christ comes again. Essentially, this is God’s story and it has four chapters – Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.

Not every worldview is Christian, however, and if your worldview is based on Christian values and beliefs, the constant teachings of society against this Christian worldview are relentless. Government schools don’t teach a Christian worldview. The media doesn’t subscribe to a Christian worldview, in fact, they often report against it.

In Episode #3 of the “Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith” podcast, Dr. Smith discusses worldview and how it differs from generation to generation. With guest Phil Leineweber, an Associate Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Mansfield Ohio, he digs deep into what you need to know about preserving and maintaining a Christian worldview.

Here are the Chalkboard Points discussed in Episode 3:

Chalkboard Point #1: Worldview matters. It is on display in everything we do. It impacts who we marry, where we live, how we think, what we do for a living, and how we spend our leisure time.

Chalkboard Point #2: To be in school is to acquire a Worldview - that’s what education does. From preschool to graduate school, you are impacted by basic assumptions of how things are and how they can be

Chalkboard Point #3: Secularism is a worldview, and that is what is being taught to the 90% of our kids who are in public schools today.

So, what does that say about our future, and the prospects for maintaining a Christian worldview in society for the next generations?

Phil Leineweber says he sees the impacts on kids every day. “We are living in a state where the truth is up for grabs and where individualism is on the rise. And we’re seeing that play out in gender identity, sexuality, this idea of pluralism, where we should just all tolerate one another’s beliefs. Our kids are being indoctrinated with a worldview by our culture, and it’s a secular worldview”

Phil goes on to point out however, that good can come from this since there is no more middle ground. “You’re either going to sell out and be indoctrinated, or you’re going to stand for truth like never before”. That means risking offending someone, or standing up for someone else who is being bullied or put down for their Christian beliefs.

How big a problem is this? Dr. Cy Smith points out that most parents today with school-aged children are Millennials (Gen Y) and are passing along their worldview.

“Generation Y and Z are already moved on (from the beliefs of prior generations)” responds Pastor Leineweber. “It’s not a subtle shift like from Boomers to Gen X, it’s a complete revolution”.

Dr. Smith and Pastor Leineweber also discuss truth, and how it’s becoming irrelevant. “You have yours, I have mine, and we can’t encroach upon those things” states Dr. Smith.

“Conflicting truths”, ads Pastor Phil. “What seems to matter is the subjective experience, not the objective reality, and what matters is feelings, not the truth”.

As the show goes on, Cy and Phil touch on how God speaks about racial equality, sexuality, and gender identity. Teaching a biblical worldview has answers to these questions built in and true. Yet, we let society, social media, and government-run schools make up their answers to try to further their agenda.

Listen to Phil Leineweber and Dr. Cy Smith discuss why a biblical worldview matters on the Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith podcast. It’s on, YouTube, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Or to learn more about how you can make a difference, contact Dr. Cy Smith today.

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