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We have God.

We have Youth. 

We have Hope.

"Know More" with the
Clearly Christian Podcast

I'm Dr. Cy Smith

Do you agree with me that our country is far away from where we should be, from the principles that we were founded upon?  Do you agree that we are growing further in the wrong direction?

 The best hope we have is to equip young people with a biblical world view, so that they can impact tomorrow's culture, family and society. 


To do that, we must bring Christ into the classroom. 

The Clearly Christian Podcast is my effort to inspire you to join me in the fight to equip our kids to stand up for what's right in the days ahead.  

My legacy, with your help, will be to influence and awaken Christian America to the importance of Christian education and to help our children impact society through a biblical world view.

Join me. 
                                                                        - Dr, Cy Smith


The "Know More" Blog:
The Case for Christian Education

Our youth will change the world, but we must "Know More"

Our society has done everything it possible can think of to keep Christ and the Bible out of our classrooms.  They won't stop there. 

Click here to read the "Know More" blog for ways to make an impact, and help our kids to take back their society.  

"Know More", so that you can say "NO MORE" to how our young people are being educated in today's society.  

Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith 

The Podcast
Why Does Christian Education Matter

Why Does Christian Education Matter

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Be the Change

How you can  make a difference

These are not new ideas.  These are biblical ideas, rooted in truth and in history.  Rooted in God.  

But we've lost our way.  You and I can make a difference.

Here's how::

Parents Everywhere:  Learn more about Christian Education opportunities in your community.  Don't be persuaded with arguments of affordability, curriculum, etc.  If you don't find the answers you need, call me.

Parents in Mid Ohio:  Call me today and find out how Christian Education options, affordable and available in your backyard, can make an immediate impact in your family, and in our society

Christians Everywhere Call me today and let's talk about what you can do to help Armor Up America's families with more accessible Christian Education for everyone.  I could use your help.

Who is Dr. Cy Smith?

Dr. Cy Smith is a leader in the field of Christian education. He serves as the Superintendent of his alma mater, Mansfield Christian School in Mansfield, Ohio. His convictions and core values regarding education from a biblical worldview drive his broad influence, while his experience and success have made Mansfield Christian School one of the premier Christian schools in the Midwest. As a professional administrator, leader, speaker and writer, Dr. Smith is committed to expanding the reach and effectiveness of Christian schools.


Superintendent, Mansfield Christian Schools

Vice President, East Region School Accreditation Commission,  Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

President, Greater Cleveland Christian Administrators Association (GCCAA)

ACSI State of Ohio Representative

Member, Mid-America Region, ACSI Professional Development Planning Committee

Legal Representative for ACSI Schools with the Ohio Department of Education

Consultant, Christian School Board

Team Chair, ACSI School Accreditation

Presenter, ACSI, BCCAA Conference/Workshop

Passionate member of Richland County Economic Development Group, Mansfield Chamber of Commerce, Richland County Foundation, Berean Baptist Church

Dr. Cy Smith

Mansfield Christian School

500 Logan Rd, Mansfield, OH 44907

 419-756-5651, ext. 218

Let's make a difference, together

Thanks for reaching out.  I'll get in touch with you shortly.

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