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Know More, so you can say "NO MORE"

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The Case for Christian Education

Somewhere along the line, we got it all wrong. We lost sight of the truth and handed over the responsibilities of raising our children, educating our young people, and preparing them for society to the government. How did this happen? That is what we will be discussing in the Clearly Christian podcast.
I am Dr. Cy Smith. I’m a Christian. I’m also a father, son, and Superintendent at Mansfield Christian School. It is my conviction that the education of children must be characterized by the pursuit of excellence for God’s glory alone. Government schools do not share my definition of excellence.
And so I have begun a podcast, called Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith. My goal for this show is to help you want to learn and “Know More”, so that you can say “No More” when you should, and help to lead our young people towards and not away from a biblical worldview.

Here is a link to episode #1. There will be many more to come. In this first episode, we highlight three “Chalkboard Points” that will define the substance of this show.

Chalkboard Point #1: It's time that Christians give their full attention to what the Bible has to say about the training of children and youth.

Chalkboard Point #2: The education of children will determine how they see the world. That lens must have Christ at the center in order to lead to true wisdom and understanding.

And Chalkboard Point #3: The education of children must be done by teachers whose primary goals are the salvation and discipleship of the next generation.

My friends, that is what this first show is about, and that is what will form the foundation of every Clearly Christian podcast to come.

Take note of this…
Government schools have their own agenda.

This is so important because some will tell you it doesn’t matter. Think about that for a moment.

A new secular worldview without God is swiftly capturing the hearts and minds of our families and their children. Christians everywhere are realizing that students will adopt the worldview of their teachers and curriculum, devoid of biblical truth. The consequences have become impossible to ignore.
Look around and you’ll see. Do you feel alone? Do you feel like no one understands your point of view and your concerns? Are you afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized, or that your children will pay the price?
We must act together, each other, our community, our churches, and our culture, to pave the best path forward for our kids.
  • The culture needs our graduates to lead with excellence by solving problems from the Biblical worldview and pointing us to the absolute standards that God has set for living in His Word.

  • The community needs our graduates to lead with excellence by integrating their faith and work to inspire others; giving us purpose and hope and meaning in all we do.

  • The church needs our graduates to lead with excellence by discipling others, living an authentic Christian life, and defending the faith.

Here is the problem. Our children spend 16,000 hours in school. I’m not concerned with the amount of time. I’m concerned with what they are being fed under the disguise of education.

It takes everything we have as a school, as parents, and as churches – working
together to train our children in the ways of the Lord and to stand against the secular culture.
The home, church, and Christian school working together to educate our children is the only
hope for America and our western Christian heritage.
This is the greatest opportunity in our lifetime for Christian education to make a difference!

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